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Weight loss can’t always be achieved through traditional lifestyle changes alone. With medical weight loss strategies and supervision, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier future without feeling frustrated or isolated.

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Feel confident in your own skin 

Imagine looking in the mirror or slipping on your favorite outfit and feeling good. There’s nothing more powerful than being comfortable in your body and confident in how you show up in the world. Your time is now. 

Have more energy for the activities you love 

Chase after your kids on the playground, take your dog for a long walk, or even spend the night dancing out on the town. When you’re at a healthier body weight, your energy will skyrocket, giving you the chance to do more of what you want to do.

Improve your overall physical and mental health

Are you tired of feeling unwell or taking regular trips to the doctor? By decreasing your body weight, you will see improvements in all aspects of your physical and mental health. 

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Consa is here for you

We understand that weight loss solutions aren’t one size fits all. We’ll help you discover what works for you. 

Weight loss advice is often confusing and difficult to navigate–there are thousands of tips and tricks out there, with many of them overpromising results and under-delivering. At Consa, we’re dedicated to guiding you through the weight loss process and providing you with research-backed tools to pair with healthy habits, helping you finally achieve–and sustain–your wellness goals.

Offered Medications



By mimicking the production of naturally occuring hormones, these medications help to control your appetite, lower your blood sugar, and improve your body’s ability to burn calories. With highly encouraging results from medical research, they have been shown to help patients lose 15-20 percent of their body weight after 6 months of use.

Meet with our nurse practitioner, Michelle, over video call or in person at Consa to learn more about our medical weight loss program. We offer both Semaglutide and Tirzepatide injections from a compounding pharmacy, which makes high-quality care accessible to all patients–even when insurance is not an option. We offer a comprehensive program that includes personalized coaching, follow-up appointments, supplies, and medication prescriptions. This consultation is complementary and is meant to decide if you are a good candidate for medical weight loss. 

15 min consult, FREE

This is your official first appointment to discuss your medical weight loss options, and if you are deemed to be a good candidate, begin your program. During this time, your provider will review your lab work, learn more about your goals, discuss the benefits and possible side effects of the medications (semaglutide or tirzepatide), and ultimately decide on a course of action. Your medication will be ordered at this appointment if you are medically cleared for your program and decide to proceed. 



At Consa, we understand that life is busy and mistakes happen! If you’ve forgotten to refill your weight loss medication, this appointment is for you. Book a time to meet with your provider, and we will provide you with a one-time dose of your medication while you wait for your next refill.


This appointment is for clients who are currently participating in Consa’s medical weight loss program and are asked to schedule a follow-up with our provider. During this appointment, we will discuss your program and instruct you on the administration of your medications as well as answer any lingering questions you may have.

Join our Consa memberships

Weight Loss Packages

Kickstarter Dose

  • 2-3 month supply of Semaglutide.

  • Insulin syringes and alcohol.

  • Medication delivered directly to your home or to our office.

  • Individualized instructions on injection technique.

  • Provider access via text, email, or scheduled visit.

  • Monthly weigh-ins with InBody (if local).

  • Lab review.

  • BodySite app with food and exercise plans, food tracking, and weight logs.


To begin your medical weight loss journey, Consa offers the Kickstarter package for your convenience. It includes everything you need to start using semaglutide and provides a comprehensive plan for you to achieve your goals. 

Monthly Membership

  • 1 month of Semaglutide.

  • Insulin syringes and alcohol.

  • Medication delivered directly to your home.

  • Individualized instructions on injection technique.

  • Provider access via text, email, or scheduled visit.

  • Monthly weigh-ins.

  • Lab review after 6-9 months of treatment.

  • BodySite app with food and exercise plans, food tracking, and weight log.

We require a card on file to charge monthly, or if paid upfront, we offer a 10% discount (Over $100 savings)


Once you’ve completed your initial Semaglutide dose, you may continue your treatment with our membership program at discounted pricing. We will identify the appropriate dose for your medication, and create your program accordingly. 

Please note: Results are not guaranteed. Treatments are not FDA-approved.

“Very professional and personable experience. I would recommend Michelle to anyone on the fence about getting help.” 

Courtney D.

“Great at listening. Seemed very interested in keeping my best interests in mind when selecting a treatment option.”

Christine M.

“Michelle explained everything well. She addressed my concerns and was very thorough and friendly.”


The Consa Process

How our weight loss program works

Phase one

If you’re interested in beginning your weight loss journey at Consa, we offer a complimentary initial consultation. During your appointment, you and your provider will discuss your current health concerns, goals, available medications, and pricing. If we determine that you are a good candidate for medical weight loss, we’ll move forward with booking your first official appointment. 

Phase TWO

Prior to your first appointment, we require that you complete all lab work, consent forms, and patient intake forms that have been sent to you. Your labs may be completed at your preferred location using your own insurance, or you may choose to use our preferred lab at a deeply discounted cash rate. If you’ve had labs completed by your doctor within the past 12 months, you may use those results instead. If your labs have not been completed at the time of your appointment, it will be rescheduled.


You will meet one-on-one with your provider either in person or via video call to analyze your lab results, review your intake form, and discuss your goals in-depth. If your labs have confirmed that you are a good candidate for medical weight loss, we will move forward with ordering your medication. At this time, we will also discuss possible side effects, benefits, and risks, and will teach you how to self-administer the medication. You will also be offered an InBody 570 body composition analysis as your baseline for comparison as this will provide a more complete picture of your starting point.

Phase FOUR

Next, we’ll review any supplemental products recommended for your weight loss program. We’ll provide you with full access to a one-of-a-kind mobile app, BodySite, that is created to help you reach your weight loss goals. Consa will also provide further guidance, weekly meal plans, macro tracking, a customized exercise regimen, weekly check-ins, and personalized coaching.

Phase FIVE

Prescription orders take approximately 2 weeks to fill, excluding shipping time. The medication is shipped cold, which means that it will require a signature upon delivery. If you opt to have your medication delivered to your home, Consa is not responsible for the product. It must be refrigerated (or frozen if not being used) when you take receipt of the package. If you need to change your dosing day by more than 3 days, please contact us.

Phase SIX

Begin your treatment program and start taking your medications/supplements as directed. You will receive all of the necessary supplies and instructions with your delivery. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your program, so we always encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns.


To continue your weight loss program, you will be required to check in weekly or every other week via the BodySite app to keep track of your weight and reported side effects. This is for your safety to assess both your symptoms and progress so we can determine any needed adjustments to your dosage. Failure to comply with our check-in requirement will result in the inability to fill your prescription.

Please note: Full payment for your medication is required at the time of order. Per law, prescriptions are non-refundable and non-returnable. Consa does not submit to insurance, but we can provide a statement for you.

InBody Body Composition Analysis

  • Body composition analysis including your body fat mass and lean body mass

  • Muscle-fat analysis

  • Obesity analysis

  • Segmental lean analysis

  • ECW/TBW analysis

  • Body composition history (available to track progress with multiple scans)

  • Visceral fat level

  • Basal metabolic rate

It’s vital to understand your body’s metrics when beginning your medical weight loss program so we can assess your progress with a variety of important data points. The number on the scale is not the only important piece of your journey, and we will take proper care to understand your physical health as a whole.

With the InBody 570, we offer comprehensive body scans to gain deeper insight into your composition, which includes fat, muscle, and water. This knowledge can help us ensure that your weight loss program is both effective and sustainable. The scan will take approximately 45 seconds.


Semaglutide is designed to regulate blood sugar levels by mimicking the hormone GLP-1. Binding to GLP-1 receptors stimulates insulin production in the body to lower glucose levels. It also slows the time it takes for the stomach to empty. Although Semaglutide doesn’t necessarily help your body burn fat, it limits appetite, making it easier to lower your caloric intake. It can also decrease cravings and alter food preferences.

How does semaglutide work?


These medications are painlessly injected once per week under the skin. We will teach you how to administer your injections at home, and you’ll also receive detailed injection instructions with your medication delivery. You may also choose to have us administer it, for a small fee.

How are semaglutide and tirzepatide administered?


Blood sugar levels are a commonly discussed topic for individuals with diabetes and pre-diabetes, but what many don’t realize is that blood sugar levels are an important metric for everyone. Spikes in blood sugar can negatively impact mental and physical health, including irritability and energy levels.

When blood sugar is lowered there are many benefits, including:

  • An increased ability to focus

  • Improved skin appearance

  • Improved memory

  • Reduced risk of heart disease

  • Prevention of diabetes

  • Boost in weight loss

What are the benefits of lowering blood sugar levels?


Semaglutide is extremely effective for weight loss. Studies have provided statistically significant results in all relevant categories of study regarding the drug, including appetite suppression, stomach emptying, and blood sugar levels.

Clinical trials have shown that participants have achieved significant weight loss results, losing 15-20% of their body weight over a given period of time.

How effective is semaglutide for weight loss?


While it’s tempting to look for a weight loss solution that promises instant results, it’s better for long-lasting effects and maintainability to find a program that takes a more realistic amount of time. Semaglutide has been shown to provide results in as little as 2-4 weeks so you are likely to see change fairly quickly, but it will take a longer amount of time to reach your full weight loss goals. 

How long does it take to see weight loss results?


If you’ve been struggling to lose weight with lifestyle changes alone, semaglutide may be the perfect addition to your program to help you finally see results. However, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re a good candidate for the medication before beginning treatment. At Consa, we offer complimentary consultations for all clients interested in medical weight loss services so we can understand your background, health concerns, lifestyle, and unique goals to recommend the best course of treatment possible.

Who is a good candidate for semaglutide?


There are several conditions that disqualify you from taking semaglutide for safety reasons. These conditions include:

  • Anyone with a personal or family history of thyroid cancer

  • Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma

  • Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndrome Type 2 (MEN 2)

  • Patients with a history of severe allergic reaction to semaglutide or its ingredients

  • Patients who experience pancreatitis, gallstones, low blood sugar, acute kidney injury, diabetic retinopathy, or increased heart rate

  • BMI less than 20

What disqualifies you from semaglutide treatment?


Both semaglutide and tirzepatide are well-managed and offer relatively minimal disruptions to your life as we adjust your dose over the first weeks and months of your program. The most common side effects patients experience include lack of appetite, nausea, bloating, and feeling “full.”

If you’re concerned about side effects, Tirzepatide Plus may be a good option. It contains cyanocobalamin (B12) which helps to counteract nausea and increase energy levels.

What are the common side effects of these medications?


To ensure that you receive the most accurate results possible, please adhere to the following recommendations while preparing for your scan:

  • Do not eat for 3-4 hours before testing

  • Avoid exercise for 6-12 hours before testing

  • Avoid caffeine on the day of your scan

  • Stay well hydrated

  • Do not shower or use the sauna prior to your scan

  • Do not put lotion on your hands or feet before testing

If you are pregnant, nursing, or have an implanted electronic device (i.e. pacemaker), you should not use the InBody machine.

How do I prepare for my InBody scan?


Upon arriving at your InBody appointment, we will use a device called a stadiometer to accurately measure your height (first scan only). Next, you’ll use a pre-moistened towelette to remove any excess oil and/or dirt from your hands and feet. This will improve the accuracy of your scan. You will then remove any items from your pockets, jewelry, and/or excess clothing (i.e. jackets, hoodies, etc.) before stepping onto the scanner.

The scan itself will take approximately 45 seconds. Once your scan is complete, you will review your analysis results with your provider. At this time, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and further discuss your goals.

What can I expect during my InBody scan?

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