Peptide Therapy in Beaver Dam, WI

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Through newly emerging science, your wellness concerns can be specifically targeted with peptide therapy. With medical supervision and high-quality care protocols, you can feel confident knowing that we’re here to help you feel your best, inside and out.

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Feel better than you have in years

As we age, our once highly efficient bodies are no longer the same. You may notice changes in your appearance, energy levels, or other aspects of your personal being. With peptide therapy, you can slow aging and see improvements across all body functions.

Prioritize your personal health journey

Life is hectic and it’s easy to put yourself last. But imagine how much better you’ll feel if you decide to prioritize your personal well-being. Begin the journey towards becoming the healthiest and happiest you.

Finally get relief from the symptoms you’re experiencing

Are you tired of feeling unwell or taking regular trips to the doctor? By decreasing your body weight, you will see improvements in all aspects of your physical and mental health. 

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What is peptide therapy?

Sometimes, due to age or other health factors, our bodies may not produce enough peptides needed to maintain optimal body function.

Peptide therapy is a revolutionary treatment that’s rapidly gaining popularity as it allows us to combat the decline in peptides and address any symptoms you may be experiencing. Administered via injection, topical application, or capsule, your provider will walk you through your available options and ensure that you’re the right fit for this type of treatment.

Benefits of peptide therapy

By mimicking the production of naturally occuring hormones, these medications help to control your appetite, lower your blood sugar, and improve your body’s ability to burn calories. With highly encouraging results from medical research, they have been shown to help patients lose 15-20 percent of their body weight after 6 months of use.


Combat the signs of aging with peptide therapy. Peptides can help improve your complexion and skin elasticity, supplement your body’s natural collagen production, boost your energy, and even improve your sleep quality.


Peptides have the ability to trigger regeneration in the body and promote healing, both internal and external. Depending on your concern, we will work with you to choose the best option for your personalized care.

Weight Loss

If you’re currently under Consa’s care for medical weight loss or if you’re on your own journey, we can help boost your fat burning and help you achieve your goals faster. Peptides can act as the perfect supplement to your weight loss routine, with options to support muscle building, energy levels, and reduce insulin resistance.

Brain Health

There are several peptides available to support brain health, and can address concerns related to anxiety and depression, memory, focus, and more. Some peptides have even been shown to support patients struggling with more serious brain health concerns like stroke, injury, or dementia.


Peptides have the power to improve your appearance by supporting collagen production as well as nourishing your complexion. There are also research-proven skin-darkening peptides available to help you achieve the perfect summer tan all year long. These peptides can be available in multiple forms including injections, creams, or lotions.


Experience the immune-boosting benefits of peptide therapy at Consa. We offer peptides to increase antibody production in your body, prevent or diminish viral infections, treat chronic conditions, and as well as support the destruction of cancer cells.

Mood Balance

Many people struggle with chronic mood disorders–anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more–that are treatable using peptide therapy. Creating an individualized care plan using peptides to address your mood concerns can help provide much needed support and relief.

Sexual Wellness

While you may be hesitant to seek treatment to improve your sexual wellness, we are here to support you–free of judgment. We offer hormone optimization therapy using peptides, can stimulate a boost in libido, and much more.

Men’s Health

Men can count on Consa to provide realistic solutions to their personal health problems. With evidence-based peptides available to counteract a decrease in testosterone, help manage symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and reduce the loss of hair follicles, we can address any of your concerns with individualized, discreet care.

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The Consa Process

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Phase one

If you’re interested in learning more about therapies available at Consa, we offer a complimentary initial consultation. During your appointment, you and your provider will discuss your current health concerns, goals, and pricing. Your consult also includes a blood draw so we can get a better picture of your overall health prior to beginning treatment. If you’re interested in moving forward with peptide therapy, we will book your appointment at this time. 

Phase TWO

You will meet one-on-one with your medical provider to discuss your lab results, review your intake form, and discuss your goals in depth. If your labs present no concerns, we will create a custom care plan to help improve your overall wellness or address your specific concerns.


After creating your care plan, you will begin treatment. Depending on the method of administration, you can either come into the office or have medications shipped directly to your home. With unlimited provider access, we will closely monitor your health and check in to track any side effects and ensure that you’re receiving the maximum benefit of your chosen peptide therapy. 

Please note: Full payment is required at the time services are rendered.


Peptides are molecules made up of short chains of amino acids. Essentially, they’re pieces of proteins that naturally occur in the body.

What are peptides?


The majority of peptides are injected into the body with a very tiny needle. However, some peptides are also administered as nasal sprays, topical creams and foams, and capsules.

How is peptide therapy administered?


Unfortunately, we cannot bill insurance for peptide therapy and only accept cash for these services. However, you may use an FSA card. 

Will insurance cover peptide therapy?


Your results depend on the specific peptide you are using, as they can help with a wide variety of bodily functions. For example, peptide therapy may help with energy levels, improved sexual health, increased immunity, better sleep quality, less joint pain, improved hair, skin, and nails, and so much more!

What kind of results can I expect from peptide therapy?


You may see results within a few weeks of starting treatment; however, peptide therapy has a “loading” period of 3-6 months to see full effects.

How long does peptide therapy take to work?


Peptide injections are safe for most people and side effects are rare. The most common side effects are rash, itching, swelling, or pain at the injection site.

What are the possible side effects of peptide therapy?

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